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Facebook Hacker Cup 2016: Round 2 problem analysis

Door Soultaker op zondag 24 januari 2016 20:40 - Reacties (1)
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Yesterday Round 2 of the Facebook Hacker Cup was held. This round lasted only 3 hours, and competition was fierce. Only 200 of over 2000 competitors would advance. In the end, over 177 competitors solved all problems. To advance without a perfect score, you could only fail on the easiest problem, and you'd have to submit the other solutions pretty quickly, too.

Unfortunately, under time pressure, I made a small mistake in my solution to the fourth problem, and so I won't be participating in Round 3 this year. :'( On the bright side, at least I'll get a nice T-shirt for my troubles. And you get to read another one of my write-ups!

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Facebook Hacker Cup 2016: Round 1 problem analysis en

By Soultaker on zondag 17 januari 2016 19:00 - Comments are closed
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The first round of the Facebook Hacker Cup has just concluded! As of writing, there are over 600 competitors that have submitted solutions for all four problems. Since only the top 500 advance (including anyone tied for 500th place) a perfect score may be a requirement, though it's also possible that a significant fraction of those solutions turns out to be wrong, as the final results have not yet been announced.

The scoreboard has been updated. 395 people scored 100 points. The minimum score necessary to advance is 85 points, and that covers the top 560.

In the context of the entire contest, Round 1 is quite unique, because it's the only round where accuracy is of critical importance and solution speed does not matter (that is, as long as you manage to solve the problems within 24 hours). Last year, my accuracy was less than perfect and I failed to advance. Hopefully, I did better this year!

Fortunally, the problems were not too difficult. Let's have a look!

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Facebook Hacker Cup 2016: Qualification Round problem analysis en

By Soultaker on dinsdag 12 januari 2016 01:00 - Comments (1)
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As I'm writing this, the Qualification Round of the Facebook Hacker Cup 2016 is about to finish. For those not in the know: the Hacker Cup is an annual algorithmic programming contest, where contestants solve mathematical puzzles by writing some code (no "hacking" in the contemporary sense involved).

Over the past few years I've been posting my analysis of the problems on my blog, and I thought I might as well continue the tradition. As usual, there are major spoilers ahead, as well as code, and some bonus questions for those that managed to solve all the problems already. So let's begin!

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